Tom Klocker Photo

Action Sports / Outdoor / Commercial / Car / Tourism

Hi, my name is Tom! 

I’m a professional freelance photographer based in Tyrol/Austria.

My career as a professional freestyle snowboarder started in 2008, I competed at the biggest competitions around the globe and worked with the best movie productions in the industry. I always had a big passion for taking photos, while I was traveling around the world I got more and more into Photography, I climbed mountains back home to get these unique photos to get better and learn more about Photography. After around 10 years of professional snowboarding it was time for me to make the next step, i set my focus on Photography to a 100% and started my own business as a freelance Photographer.

NOW I’m working fulltime as a Photographer and Content Creator.

Wanna work with me? Just say hello:


  • Available for editorial and commercial assignments (Action sports, Outdoor sports, lifestyle, car photography, tourism, landscapes & travel imagery).
  • Stock Photography & Image Licensing (All the images on this website are available for stock, commercial and/or editorial usage. Other versions and additional images are available, as I own a vast stock collection of photos, so please inquire me if you have specific request.)


  • Content creation for brands through photography, print & digital media.
  • Travel/Destination photography & content generation.
  • Influencer Marketing & Social media campaigns.
  • Brand Ambassador roles & long-term partnerships.